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Commercial Rekey Services Calgary

Rekey Your Doors to Bolster or Restore Security to Your Building.

Rekeying is a convenient and cost-effective alternative to buying new locksets from scratch. If you've recently moved or are in need of a locksmith for any other reason, don't hesitate to contact Calgary Lock & Safe.

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If your business has recently moved, has lost or stolen keys, or would like to eliminate the risk of old or obsolete keys accessing your property, don't replace the locks; rekey them.

Rekeying locks involves the removal and re-pinning of your locks to match them to a new key, eliminating the need to buy new hardware while restoring total access control to your business.

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1. Restore Security

If you've misplaced or had keys stolen from your business, Calgary Lock & Safe can eliminate the risk of unauthorized people entering your property. Rekeying your business will make old keys obsolete and useless, which is an important security consideration if keys have been lost, if past employees did not return them, if you've moved into a new business and want to ensure the old tenants don't have access, or if perhaps a contractor happened to leave site with your keys.

By matching your locks to a new set of keys, only the current set will unlock and provide access to your new building. Call Calgary Lock & Safe to get a quote from our journeyman locksmith project managers, it's quick, easy, and affordable.

2. Save Time and Money

Lost keys don't have to mean replacing your locking hardware. Many businesses have door locks, handles, levers and more that match the décor of their space, and replacing for the same models of hardware can sometimes be challenging, and is generally more expensive than simply rekeying the locking mechanisms.


By temporarily removing the locking hardware from your doors and re-pinning the locks to fit new keys, you can save the money you thought you might have to spend on new hardware. Additionally, the service is fast with no waiting for ordered hardware, convenient because it can be done on site, and affordable because you're not replacing the whole lock.  

To find out if your locks can be rekeyed or to get a quote, contact our journeyman certified locksmiths and project managers to get started. 

The Benefits of Rekeying Commercial Locks

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Calgary Lock & Safe's certified journeyman locksmiths and project managers are available to help you rekey your locks.

We'll survey your hardware, audit your doors, and make a plan to get you rekeyed quickly and efficiently, at a great price.

Our team makes it easy, so contact us today to get started.

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