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Protect your home and your family with deadbolts from Calgary Lock & Safe! We carry varieties that include grades 1, 2 and 3, and come in many beautiful finishes to match the decor of any home. Need help? Reach out to our experts to ask questions and find the right fit for your door.

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Grade 1 Deadbolt

Grade 1 Deadbolt

Heavy-duty deadbolts from Calgary Lock & Safe are designed for high traffic areas requiring exceptional strength, durability and security. Always popular among door hardware and industry professionals; with its heavy-duty construction, variety of functions, and cylinder choices makes Grade 1 deadbolts an ideal choice for nearly any deadlocking application.

Grade 2 Deadbolt

Grade 2 Deadbolt

Grade 2 Deadbolts from Calgary Lock & Safe are versatile commercial deadbolts for moderate commercial and heavy-duty residential traffic applications.


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