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Many Calgary  businesses have valid concerns about the risk of loss of their valuables, damage to their properties, or even injuries or loss of life in the event of a burglary or break-in. The stress, vulnerability, and financial implications of these risks can be a major source of concern.

Calgary Lock & Safe understands these risks. We've contracted for and worked with thousands of Calgary companies who have felt the same way. Our partners find that working with our team of expert locksmiths, technicians, and industry experts have enabled them to feel safe and secure in protecting their people, including customers, families, staff, and tenants, as well as protecting their property and valuables from break-ins, theft, vandalism, and more.

We believe our partners have the right to providing safety, to feel confident, and to refocus on the other areas of their business that need attention. Calgary Lock & Safe is a trustworthy partner, we're the experts in all things locksmith- including door hardware, door repair, lock picking, safe picking, hardware consulting, division 8 consulting, and more. We can help you make a plan that includes specification, supply and installation of door hardware of all kinds. Talk to our experts today, we're here to help.

We're available 24/7 to help you.

Commercial Property

Commercial property managers are often up against unique security and access requirements, and without the proper systems in place there may be risk to employee or customer safety, loss of valuables, or risk of property damage.

Calgary Lock & Safe understands these vulnerabilities, and we've helped Calgary's premiere property management companies who have recognized those risks. Our team of experts can help you create a plan for securing your building from unwanted access, creating touchless or automatic door access for people of all abilities, and create a safe, welcoming environment for your people. We're the experts in swipe entry, keypad entry, manual locks, padlocks for storage, and we can assist you in creating an access plan for various clearance levels for tenants, guests, managers and business owners.

Connect with our team today to create a plan you can be proud of, and we'll work with you to solve your building's unique problems.

Multi-Family Residential

Multi-family residential property managers are entrusted to secure their buildings to protect tenants and guests against unauthorized access, to uphold fire codes, and to provide safe and secure access to people with all abilities.

Calgary Lock & Safe understands the risks inherent in residential property management, and we've worked with Calgary property managers to ensure they have the right plan in place to protect their people, valuables, and property.

Contact our experts today to start creating a plan and explore how we might be able to help you achieve your goals.

Retail Store & Mall

Retail settings have their own security challenges that are unique from other applications, including multiple employees needed key access for opening and closing, locking up safes with cash or valuables, locking store fronts with the latest break-in prevention and more.

At Calgary Lock & Safe, we understand the anxiety that comes with a recent break in, or not knowing who of your employees may be accessing your property and at what time. We've worked with many store owners, managers, and retail property managers to secure their locations from unauthorized access to prevent theft or damage. Our partners have found that with the right security solution, they can protect their staff, customers, and property, and be confident in running the other areas of their business with total peace of mind.

Contact our team today to discuss your needs and ideas, and we'll work with you to create a plan to achieve your security and access needs. Our experts are ready to help.

Restaurant & Bar

Restaurant and bar managers have especially unique security vulnerabilities that can cause anxiety or loss. With multiple staff holding keys you may be vulnerable to internal theft from your cash register, safe, or liquor lock up. You may also experience break-ins or attempted break ins. Running restaurants and bars is often a labour of love with slim margins, and the expert locksmith team at Calgary Lock & Safe has worked with Calgary's owners who found they could secure their restaurants with a solid plan.

Contact us today to explore your ideas and vision, we'll work with you to create a plan based on your needs and budget, and if it suits your restaurant or bar's locksmith needs, we'll work with you to get your security solution installed.

Automotive Dealership

Automotive or car dealerships often look to Calgary Lock & Safe to assist with their needs, such as re-keying used inventory, including ignitions, to supplying additional keys, or replacing transponder or remote keys. Often that type of repair requires locksmith expertise or it can lead to protracted shop time and sometimes wasted materials. If disappointing customers is something you need to avoid, Calgary Lock & Safe may be worth exploring as a potential partner.

We specialize in re-keys, ignitions, transponder and remote keys, duplications, and more for vehicles of most types. We may also assist your dealership with preventing break-ins, welcoming people of all abilities with automatic handi-cap or touchless doors, controlling inventory access, and more.

Contact us today to discuss your ideas or concerns, and our experts can work with you to create a plan for your dealership to partner with us for all your security hardware needs.

Medical & Wellness Clinic

Medical and wellness clinics in Calgary may be especially vulnerable to unwanted access, including unwanted access to expensive or controlled pharmaceuticals, unauthorized access to patients in treatment rooms, and even controlling the spread of germs, viruses, and bacteria so that one patient doesn't infect staff or other patients.

Calgary Lock & Safe works with Calgary's medical clinics to plan for each unique situation, and we can include secure entry with swipe cards or keypad locks which offer varying levels of access, or CLIQ keys which can audit who has accessed your clinic or rooms, and when, manual locks, break-in prevention, and even touchless door solutions so you can reduce touchpoints and the waste of PPE, excessive hand washing, and the spread of germs and viruses.

Contact our team of experts today to explore your ideas or problems, we can help create a plan for your needs.


Dentists, Orthodontists, and other dental office types in Calgary may be vulnerable not only to unauthorized access, but to increased spread of viruses, germs and bacteria based on the services they provide, and expensive equipment and pharmaceuticals are vulnerable to theft.

Calgary Lock & Safe has worked with dental offices in Calgary to secure their clinics against break-ins and theft while providing selective access via swipe cards, keypad locks, manual locks, re-keying and more. Calgary Lock & Safe has also protected dental offices from the spread of viruses by installing foot pulls on doors, arm pulls, wave sensor automatic doors, and more to eliminate high touch surfaces.

Talk to our experts today to explore how Calgary Lock & Safe can make your dental office more safe and secure for your patients and staff today.


Chiropractic offices in Calgary may experience vulnerability to patients and staff, and this intimate environment requires privacy and security for all to feel safe.

Calgary Lock & Safe works with Chiropractors to outfit new offices, re-key existing, provide access via swipe cards or keypads, and can assist in minimizing the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Welcome your patients and staff to a safe and secure clinic, contact Calgary Lock & Safe to create a customized plan that works according you your needs and vision.

Massage & Wellness Clinic

Massage, Acupuncture, and other wellness clinics in Calgary provide an intimate therapeutic service to their clients, and as such clients and staff can feel vulnerable to unwanted access through assessment rooms, change rooms, and other areas.

Calgary Lock & Safe specializes in creating plans along side clinic owners to achieve their goals to feel safe, secure, and welcome patients, client and staff.

Contact our team of experts to explore how we can assist you today.


Optometrists in Calgary are entrusted by Calgarians to protect the health of their eyes, and are in a position to carry hundreds of pairs of valuable eye glasses, frames, lenses, and sunglasses that can be a target for theft. Eyes are particularly prone to infection through high touch areas and invasive or intimate equipment.

Calgary Lock & Safe understands these concerns, and we've worked with offices like these to secure their valuables using robust, break-in resistant lock systems, provide custom access to staff of various clearance levels through swipe card or keypad systems, or even a CLIQ key system which audits the trail of who has entered and when. We've also installed foot pulls, arm pulls, automatic doors and wave sensor doors so that clients, staff, doctors and other guests can access their clinics and stores with minimal touching of otherwise high touch surfaces that may be carrying viruses, bacteria, and other sources of infection.

Talk to our experts to explore options and we'll assist you in making a complete plan for your optometrist clinic in Calgary.

Educational Institution

Schools, Universities, Pre-Schools and other educational institutes require unique protections against unauthorized access, especially lock down capabilities in case of an unwanted intruder, keeping predators out, securing expensive lab equipment, sports equipment, musical instruments, computers, and text books. Loss of these items may hurt student's abilities to learn, teachers to teach, and in the event of unauthorized access may even risk injury or death.

Calgary Lock & Safe takes these risks seriously, and our team of experienced locksmiths and experts can work with you to provide a safe and secure environment that protects your students, staff, and valuables.

Call us to start making your plan, we offer schools master key systems, keypad entry, swipe entry, bolstered security, low-touch and no-touch doors to eliminate the spread of germs and viruses and more.


Cannabis companies face some of the most strictly controlled and regulated environments of all industries when it comes to security, clean rooms, and more. Risks faced by cannabis companies can include theft, break-ins, vandalism, or potentially contamination of plants or products.

Calgary Lock & Safe works with Cannabis companies to create custom security plans to assist them with achieving security and safety. Provide controlled access with keycard swipe lock systems, keypad lock systems, CLIQ key systems, all of which can be audited to see who has accessed rooms and when. Additionally, Calgary Lock & Safe can assist in bolstering security against break-ins or other unauthorized access, as well as installing the safest no-touch door operators that open and close themselves automatically with the right security clearance, or by providing low-tech low touch solutions like foot pulls, arm pulls, and more to reduce the spread of bacteria, viruses, germs and more.

If your cannabis company's goals include robust security, custom access levels, and cleanliness, talk to our experts today to explore how we might be able to help you build your custom plan.

General Contractor

General Contractors in Calgary looking for locksmith partners are already charged with so much project management, including trying to coordinate trades people, working with surprises that can protract time frames, having multiple contacts at various companies and more. This wide ranging management means contractors need to avoid delays in projects that cost money and disappoint clients and partners. They need solid timelines and pricing so they can plan accordingly, and need competent partners.

Calgary Lock & Safe can assist general contractors in all their locksmith needs, including all door and hardware installation like manual locks, smart locks, swipe keys, keypad locks, manual locks, break-in prevention, and more.

Contact our professional team today to explore how we might be able to work with you to get your projects done on time, and in a way that reflects well on your services.


Electrician companies in Calgary often need a locksmith partner to assist in automatic door specification, supply and installation. Without the assistance of locksmiths and technicians, electrical companies can run into issues with syncing switches with automatics, leading to doors being unable to unlatch on time, causing stress on actuators or stopping the flow of people accessing rooms. In worst cases, sometimes fire doors can fail to close or open, and this can cause risk to people or property.

Calgary Lock & Safe works with electrical companies in Calgary to assist them in job completions that include automatic doors including sliders, revolving doors, swing doors and more with handicap buttons, motion sensors, wave sensors and more.

Talk to our experts to create a plan to work together, we have Western Canada's largest team of locksmiths and technicians and can handle projects big and small. We'll make you look good - contact us to explore how we can get started.

Security Integrator

Calgary Lock & Safe sub-contracts for and partners with Security Integrators to assist in securing buildings from the inherent risks of break-ins and unauthorized access. We partner with integrators to perform the installation of door hardware including strikes, latch retractions, electro magnetic locks (maglocks), and others that are part of access control systems like swipe cards and fob systems.

Talk to us today to explore how a partnership with Calgary Lock & Safe could help you accomplish complete service for your customers.

Construction Company

Construction Companies in Calgary have multiple security considerations to contend with, including securing construction sites from theft, vandalism, unauthorized access and potentially liability of people entering without proper PPE or other safety considerations. The other side is that when the job is complete and handed over to your clients, you need to include secure and safe access to their tenants, management, landlords, or whoever they would like to have authorized access.

Calgary Lock & Safe works with construction companies in a seamless manner. We can work to specify hardware through audits or division 8 consulting, and we can provide various authorized access levels such as swipe keys, keypad locks, CLIQ keys that audit the trail of access, manual keys, high security locks, and the latest in break-in prevention as construction is ongoing.

For a complete security plan from construction through to move-in, Calgary Lock & Safe can partner with you to create a custom plan according to every project and need. Talk to our experts today to get started.

Real Estate Companies

Real Estate Companies in Calgary may come up against multiple concerns from clients, including when a home is sold, who has the keys? Did the prior seller retain any, or are there any backups hidden on the property? Have keys landed in the hands of someone after being lost? Or do family members still hold copies? Real Estate companies who want to give their clients ultimate peace of mind against unauthorized access and the risk of damage to property, or danger to family, may need a locksmith partner.

Calgary Lock & Safe works with some of Calgary's largest real estate management companies to ensure smooth move-in and move-out security. We can re-key existing hardware, replace with new, modern hardware, including for commercial clients, swipe or keypad locks and smart locks, or for homeowners a smartphone lock, keypad, or manual locks that beatify the home and protect people and property.

Talk to Calgary Lock & Safe and we can explore a plan to work together to make Calgary a safer place to buy and sell homes and commercial properties.


Landlords in Calgary face some of the most cumbersome challenges when it comes to tenant turnover or managing multiple or large multi-family or multi-business properties. Challenges such as old tenants not supplying keys back, or keeping a copy of keys, Tenants who are stubbornly staying in their rental properties after being evicted, or who may have changed locks without authorization.

Calgary Lock & Safe works with landlord partners to take care of all issues regarding locking hardware, keys, and doors. We can assist you in re-keys, new locking hardware including doorknobs, deadbolts, or even for multi-family dwellings we can assist with door audits, fire codes, automatic doors for main entries and more.

To explore a plan for potential partnership, get in touch with our team of experts today.


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