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FAQ About Keyless Locks

After 4 years in an industry that is evolving by the day, much like the rest of the world, technology has made its way in. "Smart" everything is becoming more and more desirable for the general public. In the lock world more specifically, smart locks are a daily inquiry for me now which prompts myself and the team here at Calgary Lock & Safe to learn and research the capabilities (#RelentlessLearners) of these locks so that we can provide accurate and more importantly helpful information to our valued customers. "whoa whoa whoa, you've lost me, what is a smart lock?" A smart lock is typically a deadbolt that can be used via your smart phone, Android, IOS, Google to name a few - Majority of smart lock manufacturers provide an app for the access to these smart locks. Within the app you can - Lock / Unlock - Monitor usage via notifications

- Allow access to the app (for family members etc) While some hardware stores will promote a "Smart Lock" some of these manufacturers (in the fine print) mention that these options are available within Bluetooth range - Bluetooth range is typically 15-20 feet These locks become useful for at home usage, While you're settling down for the evening you can simply check your phone, make sure the doors locked and that no one has snuck out in the night... (sorry mom) "What if I'm at work and my kids forget their key and not within Bluetooth range?" *Enter the big dogs*

The Yale YRD Deadbolts from Assa Abloy offer arguably the best smart lock on the market. With multiple reviews on YouTube supporting this claim. Paired with the Connected by August Kit. This lock answers ALL of your questions.

- REMOTE lock and unlock - If someone forgets their keys, simply open the app, tap the big red button and access is granted

- REMOTE send codes - Has your dinner party showed up early?! Open the app, select the contact, send them a code so they don't camp on your porch!

- Set Code Access Times - Do you have a dog walker? a cleaner? someone who only need access within a set time? no problem! Customize accessibility within the app!

- Door Sensors - Included with the Smart module, door contacts/sensors help the accuracy of the locks status. If the door is left ajar, the app tells you. If the door was forced open, the app will tell you! "But Jake, what if I choose the keyless option and the batteries die?" This question here is #1 most asked The answer is simple! Firstly, the app and the lock will notify you when batteries are running low. You will receive a notification informing battery life, along with a red light that appears on the face of the lock. When all else fails, the Yale 256 comes equipped with a 9v battery terminal, simply put the battery to the contacts on the bottom of the lock, power up and enter your code as normal..... Don't forget to change the batteries at this point!

Commonly, the Yale YRD 226 is selected due to the fact it has a key cylinder back up. However, a forgotten aspect to the key cylinder is this does open up tampering attempts. Criminals aren't known as intelligent, but they will try and pick your locks given the opportunity. This should be considered with ANY lock that you purchase. High Security, drill and pick resistant cylinders can also be installed on these locks. Lastly

"Why a touch screen?"

Majority are moving towards a touch screen, simply based on the above image! Rubber buttons WILL fade over time. Meaning it doesn't take an app, or any intelligence at all to guess codes over time. Touchscreen keypads will hold up over time and not show the numbers that you press to enter your home

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