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How to Get Your Business #OpenForSummer

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Alberta is re-opening for summer, and the intention is to stay open forever and put lockdowns behind us. Everyone wants to get back to normal, including birthday parties, weddings, the Calgary Stampede, and to get back to seeing people in person!

Yes, the social aspects of life are going to be back with a bang! And what about work places? Restaurants? Retail Stores? Is your business ready to re-open? If you haven't been back to work since March 2020, you're not alone. If you have been intermittently shut down according to the peaks and valleys of Covid cases, getting back some certainty will be a welcome change. With change there are always challenges - opening back up may present some security and logistical issues, and Calgary Lock & Safe is here to help where we can.

Here are some important things to consider when opening up again:

  1. Keys - Who has them? Who needs them? Time changes everything, including who has and who needs keys. If you've had team members join and leave your business and you've lost track of keys, Calgary Lock & Safe can help. Our re-keying services can secure your business and create a master key system for you and your staff, so the right people can access only what they need to be productive. Learn More

  2. Is Your Business Secure? Re-opening is its own challenge with scheduling staff, creating access, getting IT back in the building, and more. If you're feeling overwhelmed, Calgary Lock & Safe can take security off your plate with our team of Journeyman Locksmiths who can offer a free security audit to find any vulnerabilities in your doors, locks, protect you from break-ins, and ensure your entry points are up to fire codes. Book Now

  3. Are Your Automatic Doors Working Properly? What good is being open if your doors don't actually let people in? Common issues we see with our clients are automatics that only open part way, open too slowly, don't open at all, or aren't tuned for the right pressure to open or close. If your automatic door isn't working properly, contact us for an Automatic Door Maintenance package that includes speed and pressure tuning, lubrication of moving parts, and a thorough seasonal cleaning to ensure everything works as expected. It's all done by our AAADM certified technicians for just $189. Book Now

  4. Is Your Project Going to be Completed On Time? Going through a renovation or new construction project? Involving Locksmiths might sound like one of the last steps in your job, but involving Calgary Lock & Safe early in the process can help you plan and save time by eliminating some unforeseen issues that can cause delays. We help Calgary Contractors and Business Owners by helping to plan for the hardware they'll need and ordering it early to ensure it arrives on time, we help by guiding electricians on where wiring needs to be routed and how much power to supply, eliminating the need to re-open walls, and more. Talk to us early so you can open on time! Contact Us

We're finally opening, Calgary! Be ready with expert advice and service from Calgary Lock & Safe. Talk to our experts for anything involving your doors and locks. Contact Us to get started.

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