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Keep Your Intimate Items Intimate!

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Everyone likes a little spice in their life, don't they? Well depending on what the "spice" is in your life, you may want to share it with only very... shall we say... "special" someone(s)!

If you haven't figured out where this is going yet, here's the NSFW warning... continue reading at your own risk! Many Calgarians enjoy an adventurous sex life, and that often includes keeping things interesting in the bedroom. Especially during the current lockdowns, "activities" at home can have a greater focus for many of us. In fact, sex toys at a Waterloo Ontario based adult fun store quadrupled during the early first lockdown! If you have started or added to your collection which may include toys, something to wear, or other experience enhancers, then congratulations! These can add excitement and variety to your life.

These accessories can be fun, however they can also pose a risk! Keep it discreet and secure from people who aren't invited to the fun. Keep your intimate stuff away from guests, family members, or anyone else, or risk... well, you get the picture! At Calgary Lock & Safe, trust us, we've seen it all. Our safe experts really don't care WHAT you're storing in your safes, although, it can help us give you great advice. While people are forth coming about securing items like hunting rifles, valuable documents, prescription medicines and more, other people tend to keep their secure storage aspirations a little more discreet. For securing intimate items, we recommend the USCAN Designer Series safes. They offer a modern and sleek design in four colors, like black, green, blue, and our Valentine's Day favorite, red! These little safes are perfect for your master bedroom closet, and anything intimate that might belong in there. The best part is, until Feb 15 2021, they're $100 off; on sale for only $319!

Regular $419, NOW ONLY $319

So keep your intimate items intimate and discreet! These safes boast high security features, fire resistance, electronic locks with two programmable codes, and can be anchored to your home (we recommend you let us help with that part!)

Talk to us about your needs, whatever it is you need to keep secure, we've got you covered.

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