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Never Again: Lost Keys During Back-to-School Season

Back-to-school season brings a mix of excitement and challenges for parents. As you gear up for the hustle and bustle of daily routines, the last thing you need is to worry about your kids losing their keys and being locked out of the house. Calgary Lock & Safe has the solution to your worries—introducing the Yale Assure 256 and 226 models, equipped with cutting-edge technology that transforms the way you manage home security. In this blog, we'll dive into seven back-to-school problems parents face and how the Yale Assure smart locks swoop in to save the day.

  1. Lost Keys? No More Stress! Traditional keys have a knack for disappearing at the most inconvenient times, leaving your children locked out or leaving you worried about just who might have found those keys. Say goodbye to lost keys with the Yale Assure 256 and 226 models. These smart locks offer keyless entry, granting your children access through their smartphones or personalized codes.

  2. Keep Your Nest Secure With kids coming home after school and possible having some time before you get home from work, it's common to worry about their safety without you home. The Yale Assure smart locks come with robust security features, including notifications about when they've opened, and who's code was used to open them. Rest easy knowing exactly when the kids got home, and that nobody else can access your house without your knowledge.

  3. Access Management Woes Coordinating access for grandparents, cleaners and more trusted people can be a logistical headache. Temporary access codes save the day! Generate time-limited codes for visitors, eliminating the need to distribute physical keys and enhancing your control over who enters your home.

  4. Be There Even When You're Not Your work schedule clashes with your children's school hours, making it challenging to let them in when they arrive home. With remote access control via the Yale Assure app, you can unlock the door from your smartphone, ensuring your children's safe entry even when you're miles away.

  5. Automate Your Security Have you ever wondered to yourself "Hmm... did I remember to lock the door?" after a busy morning? The Yale Assure smart locks enable you to automate access, so the door locks itself at predetermined times, providing an added layer of convenience and security.

  6. Elevate Your Smart Home If you've invested in a smart home system, integrating your security measures might seem like a puzzle. Pair your smart home devices seamlessly with the Yale Assure locks, creating a comprehensive security network that works together to safeguard your family and home.

  7. Simple Installation, Big Rewards Installing a new lock can be daunting, requiring time and expertise. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians at Calgary Lock & Safe will handle the installation of the Yale Assure 256 and 226 models, ensuring your transition to smart security is seamless and stress-free.

A Brighter Back-to-School Season

Back-to-school season should be a time of excitement, not stress. With the Yale Assure 256 and 226 models from Calgary Lock & Safe, you can bid farewell to lost keys, security concerns, and access management headaches. Embrace the future of home security with keyless entry, remote control, and smart integration. Let us handle the installation, so you can enjoy the peace of mind these cutting-edge locks bring. Visit our online store today to explore the Yale Assure line and take the first step towards a safer, more convenient back-to-school experience.

Shop Now and secure your home with Yale Assure smart locks!

Calgary Lock & Safe - Your Trusted Partner in Home Security.

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