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Safety For The Holidays

As we dive deeper into the Calgary winter months, we always get a nice introduction to winter with the holiday seasons, Thanksgiving brings the family together, Halloween lets out the spookiness that we locked up all year in anticipation, While Remembrance Day brings us back to earth by remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

There is then a period of time that lags and lingers over us all. "The shopping season" Where all walks of life scramble to gather holiday gifts for their loved ones. The ultimate question we all face is.... "What do I get them?!" Myself personally, I always appreciated receiving socks... as a young boy you would of probably guessed something along the lines of Legos, a cool super hero maybe... or simply the bubble wrap that came in some of the boxes..

We rarely think of Home Security when in the depths of thought for our loved ones regarding gifts even though security ticks all of the boxes. Will this be something that gets reused? Absolutely! likely every day! Will they like it? Of course! Providing that #FeelingOfSafety gets us out of bed every morning!

Home Security comes in all shapes and sizes and is a great idea for holiday gifts this year.

Keyless & Smart Locks - monitor lock status, provide codes remotely, available with key over ride or completely keyless

Residential Safes - small, lightweight safes with availability to be anchored down, store documents, sentimental items, gold bricks, or even that fresh pair of socks you just unwrapped

Padlocks - padlocks can be used in so many different ways, if you unwrapped a shiny new bike I would almost guarantee that padlocks would be the immediate gift to give next! What better way to secure your valuables!

No matter what your Holiday shopping list looks like this year, Calgary Lock & Safe are here to help with all Home security needs. With large selections to choose from and a showroom full of displays you'll be the MVP around the tree.

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