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#SupportLocal #CalgaryLocksmith

Why Choose Us as your Locksmith Calgary?

Here’s the rub. We are a locally owned and operated family business. Why does that matter? Well because we believe that supporting local businesses #SupportLocal is really important. We support our community because our community supports us.

We source our materials locally - or at least whenever possible. When we quote projects, we support our supply chains and local networks to ensure our community benefits from the money being spent. This might mean that some products are a bit more expensive, but we feel that supporting our community is more important than getting the cheapest, offshore, products available these days.

While those are our values and why we #SupportLocal by #BuyLocal, we understand not everyone has the budget to #BuyLocal. For those people, we do have offshore options that generally come at a reduced price. If you are interested in #SupportingLocal, please let us know and we will ensure that all solutions that we offer you are sourced safely, and locally, and in the greenest manner possible.

During tough times, and economic recessions, it is even more important to #BuyLocal and that’s why we are an industry leader for #CalgaryLocksmith for the cause of #SupportLocal. Supporting Calgary and Area since 1984, we are the #locksmithCalgary leader in sourcing #local goods.

You will see on our home page that we support our #localindustries. We support #ABOilandGas and #ABBeef because they are the foundation of who we are as a community. They are the foundation of our economic and our livelihood and during these times they need our support more than ever. We #SupportABOilandGas because they support us. We #SupportABBeef because they support us.

#BuyLocal, #SupportLocal, support our community. Trust Calgary Lock & Safe for your #LocksmithCalgary needs.

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