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What's the Best Keyless Lock?

Keyless locks are more popular than ever as Calgarians look to upgrade their home's security, access, and their personal convenience. If you've ever lost a key or gotten locked out of your home, it is a frustrating experience. While Calgary Lock & Safe is here to help Calgarians out of that jam, we're also here to help our neighbors avoid it in the first place!

Keys have been around since the ancient Egyptian times, and while they absolutely serve a purpose in today's world, we find eliminating them can be helpful for many reasons. Here are some problems keyless locks prevent or solve:

  • Lost Keys - Dread the pocket pat down and purse rummage no more! You'll never lose keys that don't exist.

  • Keys locked in the house - the click of the latch behind you will no longer give you the chill of "oh shoot, where are my keys?"

  • Cutting new keys for rentals - Hey, we want to see you, but life's busy enough without that extra trip to Calgary Lock & Safe. Many keyless systems are programmable for multiple codes - one for the cleaners, one for the renters, one for the landlord, etc.

  • Smart function - Out of town when you realize Mom needs her crock pot back? No problem, whip out the smart phone, iPad, whatever and deliver instant access at the touch of a screen.

  • Access Control - Want kids to have access to the house in any event? Or maybe you want to keep teenagers OUT when they should be in school! Control who accesses your home and when with real-time reprogramming.

Calgary Lock & Safe gets it! We have visitors to our shop every day looking for quality keyless locks for their homes, and there are various functionalities to suit every homeowner's needs. Let's look at a few:

Yale Assure Lock SL

Introducing the slimmest electronic lock for your home; the Assure Lock SL from Calgary Lock & Safe. This sleek and modern touchscreen deadbolt allows homeowners to enjoy the convenience of 100% key free unlocking while enhancing curb appeal. Unlock your home without the hassle of keys by entering your 4-8 digit entry code on the keypad. Lock the door behind you by simply tapping the keypad. The lock is simple to install and even easier to use. Upgrade your Assure Lock SL with a Yale Smart Module to add it to your smart home or security system. Our certified technicians are the experts and can help you with installation. Contact us today!

Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Deadbolt

Upgrade your door with the Assure Lock from Calgary Lock & Safe, a Wi-Fi smart lock with a built-in keypad. Using the Yale Access app you can lock/unlock, share access and receive notifications from anywhere! For hands-free unlocking, the Assure Lock will auto-unlock as you get home and auto lock once the door is closed! Plus, you can lock, unlock or check current status with voice assistants including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri. The lock features a backlit keypad so even when you don't have your phone, you can unlock your door without the hassle of keys. It's super easy to use and installs in minutes with just a screwdriver on standard doors.

Yale Assure SL Touchscreen Smart Lock

Replace your existing deadbolt with this slim, key-free deadbolt with touchscreen keypad. Say goodbye to lost keys and rest assured knowing there's not cylinder that can be picked on these smart locks. Give your family or visitors a keypad to enter or pair this with phones so your trusted people can access your door any time. With the Yale Smart Lock from Calgary Lock & Safe, you won't have to hide a key under the mat anymore - you can lock, unlock, share access, and customize lock settings so you can see a log of who comes and goes. Talk to our experts today to explore if the Yale Assure SL Touchscreen Smart Lock is right for your home or business.

Nest X Yale Lock

Yale and Nest reinvented the lock for your home – to be secure from the inside and out. Use the Nest app, and never worry about keys getting lost, copied or stolen again. Create passcodes for friends and family and revoke them anytime. Alerts keep you posted on comings and goings. Forget to lock the door? No problem. Nest x Yale Lock can lock itself. Lock and unlock your door from your phone, from anywhere. Hands full? Lock the door with a quick tap. Calgary Lock & Safe's experts can help point you in the right direction to get the best smart lock for your home. Visit our showroom today.

EMPowered Motorized Touchscreen Keypad Deadbolt

Go key free with a sleek touchscreen keypad from Calgary Lock & Safe. Create and store up to 25 unique entry codes, includes automatic re-locking and “one-touch” locking for added convenience and uses a 9V battery port to prevent lockouts. Easy to Install, fits standard tubular door prep and Voice Assistant guides you through the setup in 3 languages.

Not sure what you need? Visit us in store or give us a call, our experts are standing by to help you find exactly what you need, and we can help with installation services as well. Contact Us

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Locksmith Lawrenceville has installed Y dale locks and it has added great security to my residence.

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