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Automatic Door Annoyances? Calgary Lock & Safe to the Rescue!

Bumping into doors is the worst.

1. Why Isn't My Automatic Door Opening?

Automatic doors that refuse to open can be maddening! From faulty sensors to power issues, we uncover the common reasons behind uncooperative entrances.

Calgary Lock & Safe's expert technicians are skilled at diagnosing and repairing a wide range of automatic door malfunctions. Our swift response ensures your entryways are back in action, welcoming customers and guests with open arms.

2. Delayed Response Got You Fuming?

Tired of waiting impatiently as the automatic door drags its feet? Delays in door response can be a real mood killer

With Calgary Lock & Safe's speedy service, those irritating delays will be history. Our team will fine-tune your automatic door's sensors, ensuring snappy responses that keep the flow of foot traffic moving effortlessly.

3. Bam! Ouch! Unintended Closures Hurting Your Patrons?

Automatic doors that abruptly slam shut can lead to painful encounters or startled customers. Don't let this be the story of your business!

Our experienced professionals at Calgary Lock & Safe will adjust the door's closing mechanism to prevent harsh closures. Your patrons will glide through the doorway without a worry.

4. Are Your Automatic Doors Too Sensitive?

Overly sensitive sensors triggering doors unnecessarily? It's time to restore peace and sanity.

Count on Calgary Lock & Safe to calibrate your sensors to the perfect sensitivity level. No more door-drama, just smooth and reliable functionality.

5. Insensitive Doors? We'll Help Them Notice Your Presence!

Does it feel like the automatic doors have a mind of their own, refusing to acknowledge your presence?

Our team will recalibrate the sensors, ensuring they detect even the subtlest approach. Say goodbye to frustrating encounters with unresponsive doors!

6. Shhh! Silencing Loud and Disruptive Automatic Doors

Loud, clunky noises ruining the serenity of your space? Don't let those bothersome sounds take center stage.

Calgary Lock & Safe's noise-cancelling magic will have your automatic doors operating silently and efficiently, restoring peace to your environment.

7. Inconsistent Speeds - Are Your Doors Showing Off Their Split Personality?

Is your automatic door having an identity crisis, sometimes opening quickly, other times at a snail's pace?

Our skilled technicians will fine-tune your doors' mechanism, guaranteeing a consistent and steady speed that won't leave your customers guessing.

8. Automatic or Manual? Decoding the Mystery!

Confused about your door's operational mode? Let us help you crack the code!

At Calgary Lock & Safe, we provide clear instructions and guidance on operating your automatic doors, making it easier than ever to switch between modes when needed.

9. Maintenance Woes: Are Frequent Breakdowns Testing Your Patience?

Tired of constant repairs and maintenance issues? It's time for a lasting solution!

With Calgary Lock & Safe's top-notch maintenance services, your automatic doors will stay in prime condition, reducing the chances of frustrating breakdowns.

10. Embracing Accessibility: Ensuring Everyone Feels Welcome!

Automatic door problems disproportionately impact individuals with disabilities. Let's work together to make your doors accessible to all.

Our commitment to inclusivity extends to expertly maintaining and installing ADA-compliant automatic doors, creating a welcoming environment for everyone.

Get Your Automatic Doors Working with Calgary Lock & Safe!

At Calgary Lock & Safe, we're passionate about providing seamless and efficient solutions for your automatic door challenges. From repairs to installations, we've got you covered! We admit, we could do more to let our customers know about our exceptional door services. Now that the secret's out, give us a call, and let's transform your commercial entrances into a hassle-free experience for all!

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