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Need an Automatic Door for Your Home? We Can Help.

AAADM certified installer Ricardo poses with a happy customer

Accessing your home can be challenging if you're a wheelchair user or have limited mobility. While doors offer security and privacy, they can become a real problem for people in these circumstances, often requiring assistance from a care provider or family member to open and close them. Even just going outside into the back yard can take a lot of planning and energy, leading people to abandon what should be a simple break or breath of fresh air.

We understand how frustrating these situations can be, and we've helped hundreds of Calgary businesses create easily accessible entrance ways with automatic doors - but what about automatic doors for residential use in the home? Why does it seem so difficult to find residential automatic doors or handicap doors for home use?

We're starting to see more Calgarians take action to take back their autonomy and freedom, and we've worked with homeowners in Calgary to help them do just that! Calgary Lock & Safe is working with members of the community, who use wheelchairs, to assist them in their goals. From a site home visit through to installation, we're here to help.

Here are some steps Calgary Lock & Safe can guide you through to assist in fitting your home with an automatic or handicap door:

  1. Consultation We're here to help, not sell. If you're interested in learning about how an automatic door solution can help you re-gain autonomy in your life, the first step is to reach out to one of our experts. We have seasoned project managers who know what to look for and can inform you along the way. We'll take some measurements, survey the electrical situation, and take lots of notes and photos so we can inform you on some solutions.

  2. Recommendations Once we've compiled some information on what automatic door products and functionality you need and understand the considerations for your unique home, we'll put together some recommended products and services. We'll include the type of operator we'd recommend, the best switch for your personal needs (be it a mechanical button, a wave sensor, or simply a push-to-open automatic).

  3. No-obligation Quote Once we have an understanding of what automatic door system and equipment will work best for you in your home, we'll put together a comprehensive quote that includes everything you'll need to make it happen including AAADM (American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers) certified installation.

  4. Funding Assistance Did you know there are grants and other funding tools we can partner with you on to get your home fitted with automatic doors? We've assisted Calgarians in applying for an receiving these tools and we can assist you too. Our experts have gone through the process with our customers, and we're confident that if we work together we can make a plan that works for you!

Since every home and every person is different, every home's automatic or handicap door solution is a little different. It's important to get accurate products and pricing - there are thousands of combinations of hardware that need to be sifted through to find the right fit! We're here to help. If you're ready to gain autonomy and freedom through automatic door installation in your, or your family member's home, talk to us! We're passionate about finding solutions for our customers.

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