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Automatic Doors Calgary Costs

Updated: May 20, 2020

#AutomaticDoorCalgary are a big thing right now. Customers have anxiety touching anything these days, and your job as a business or property owner is to reduce that anxiety making your company easy to do business with.

Converting your door to an #AutomaticDoor is a bit more complicated than you would think. Obviously it requires electricity (well not all do), so you'll need an electrician as well, and you'll need to close off that entrance/exit for about 4 hours while th

e installation takes place. We try to schedule during slow times, or after hours whenever possible to limit the impact on your business. We keep a healthy stock of the most common operators and buttons in stock, and generally can install within a week or two of acceptance. We do emergency installations as well, and while it is priced accordingly, we can fit you in whenever you need it done.

We use a variety of different manufacturers for our installations. #RecordUSA is likely our favorite, however we use #Dorma #Ditec #Norton as well depending on the requirements of the door. For the wave sensors, we usually recommend #Camden #LaserSenors, but have installed #WaveSenors made by #AlarmControls #Dorma #BEA as well - whatever is most readily available.

For an #AutomaticDoorCalgary and two #WaveToOpen #WaveSensors I would budget about $2,000. It's a good ballpark for any arrangement. If you want the door to open automatically, you require safety sensors which can add $1,000 to the d

oor very easily. There's also options to open the door with a fob, or your #MobileCredential (cell phone) designed by #AssaAbloy and #HID.

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