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Signs Your Locksmith is Letting You Down (And What to Look For in a New Partner)

The right locksmith partner is crucial in maintaining the security of your commercial or multi-family property, but how do you know when it's time to seek out a new ally in your quest for safety? Let's explore the signs that indicate the need for a change and what to look for in a new locksmith partner.

Signs You Need a New Locksmith Partner

  1. Lack of 24/7 Availability: When you find your calls for help going unanswered outside of the typical nine-to-five workday, it's a clear indicator that your current locksmith doesn't align with the non-stop nature of your security needs. Your property's safety isn't confined to business hours, and neither should your locksmith's services be.

  2. Slow Response Times: The clock is your enemy during a lockout or when a swift security response is crucial. Every minute spent waiting for assistance not only tests your patience but also potentially endangers your property and its occupants. A locksmith who can't prioritize rapid response might not be the right fit for your dynamic needs.

  3. Outdated Techniques and Tools: Staying a step ahead of security threats means employing the latest techniques and tools in the locksmithing trade. If your locksmith seems to be pulling from an antiquated toolkit, unable to effectively counter modern security challenges, your property's defenses may be weaker than you think.

  4. Limited Range of Services: Navigating through the logistics of coordinating multiple security specialists for different tasks is a headache you shouldn't have to endure. A locksmith that offers a comprehensive suite of services simplifies your life and ensures all your security solutions are seamlessly integrated.

  5. Poor Communication: Struggling to get straightforward answers or finding yourself in the dark about service timelines can be frustrating. It's essential for your locksmith to keep you informed every step of the way. Clear, timely communication forms the cornerstone of any reliable service.

The Risks of Sticking with the Wrong Partner

Ignoring these signs can lead to compromised security, leaving your property at risk of unauthorized access or worse. The detriments of a poor locksmith partnership range from the inconvenience of lockouts to the severe consequences of break-ins and theft. Your peace of mind, the safety of your tenants or employees, and the security of your assets hang in the balance.

Finding the Right Locksmith Partner

What to Look For:

  • 24/7 Emergency Services: Security issues don't wait for a convenient time. Your new locksmith should be ready to assist at any hour.

  • Fast, Reliable Response: A locksmith who understands the urgency of your needs and acts swiftly is invaluable.

  • Cutting-edge Solutions: Look for a partner at the forefront of security technology, offering innovative solutions to keep your property safe.

  • Comprehensive Services: From key cutting to advanced security systems, a wide range of services ensures all your security needs are met under one roof.

  • Clear Communication: A locksmith that values transparency and maintains open lines of communication is a partner, not just a service provider.

Calgary Lock & Safe: Your Potential New Partner

With 35+ years of experience serving Calgary's commercial and residential communities, Calgary Lock & Safe offers round-the-clock availability, rapid response times, and a suite of modern security solutions. Our commitment to clear, timely communication and comprehensive services makes us a partner dedicated to your peace of mind and security.


Recognizing the need for a new locksmith partner is the first step toward enhancing the security of your property. As you navigate the transition, look for a partner that not only meets but exceeds your expectations in availability, response time, technological adeptness, service range, and communication. In Calgary Lock & Safe, you'll find a partner committed to securing your success and safety, every step of the way.

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