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Locked Out of Your Business? Here’s What to Do (And Definitely What Not To!)

Finding yourself locked out of your business can feel like you're the star of a comedy sketch you never auditioned for. While it’s no laughing matter at the time, there's a way to handle the situation with grace (and a bit of humor). Here's a step-by-step guide, complete with what you should (and definitely should not) do during a lockout.

Step 1: Do Pause for a Breather. Don't Break-In.

Do: Take a deep breath. Panic is a lockout’s best friend, and calmness is the key to a solution. This moment of pause can sometimes jog your memory about where the keys might be.

Don't: Immediately resort to a DIY break-in. Movies make it look easy (and consequence-free), but in reality, you risk damaging the door (or worse, yourself), and it could potentially escalate to a security issue or legal complications.

Step 2: Do a Thorough Search. Don't Panic.

Do: Perform a comprehensive search. Double-check all pockets, bags, and vehicles. Sometimes, keys take on a life of their own and end up in the least expected places.

Don't: Let panic take over and skip a systematic search. Rushing or assuming the worst can lead to overlooked opportunities to find your keys.

Step 3: Do Call the Professionals. Don't Make It a Solo Mission

Do: Reach out to Calgary Lock & Safe. Professional locksmiths can address the situation efficiently and correctly, without risking damage to your property.

Don't: Try to pick the lock yourself or enlist the help of well-meaning friends. Lock-picking is an art and science best left to professionals, and incorrect attempts can damage your locks or door, potentially leading to higher costs.

Step 4: Do Upgrade to Keyless Access. Don't Rely Solely on Traditional Keys

Do: Consider upgrading to a keyless access control system. It offers enhanced security and convenience, eliminating the worry of future lockouts and the hassle of managing physical keys.

Don't: Rely solely on traditional keys without considering modern alternatives. While physical keys are familiar, they come with risks of loss or damage, and duplicating keys can compromise security.

Why Us?

At Calgary Lock & Safe, we mix professionalism with a dash of humor because we believe that even in stressful situations, a light-hearted approach can make a big difference. We're here not just to solve your immediate lockout issues but to provide long-term solutions that keep your business safe and accessible.

Locked out or thinking about upgrading your security systems? Get in touch. Let’s make sure the only locks you’re worried about are the ones in your hair on a windy day.

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