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No-Touch Door Opening Calgary Costs

Updated: May 20, 2020

Did you know... Door handles are a common place to find bacteria and viruses in a work place.

Touch-Free is the New Black! #AutomaticDoorCalgary

The "new world" is most definitely going to be different. How exactly things change will remain to be seen. For #locksmithcalgary it means converting existing doors and openings to #WaveToOpen and helping you adapt your business. The last thing any business owner wants is to have customers anxious about entering their store or building. Remove the anxiety, #ReduceTouchPoints.

#AutomaticDoorsCalgary are relatively painless to install. It takes about 3 hours and can be done outside of peak business hours (or after-hours) to lessen the impact on your business. #CalgaryLockandSafe carries #RecordOperators, #DormaOperators, #DitecOperators, #NortonOperators and can service virtually anything that you may already have in place like #BesamOperators and #StanleyOperators. A new #AutomaticDoorCalgary should cost in the range of $2,000 with prices increasing as you add in timers, relays, card access etc. Be wary of quotes that are significantly different from this number. #ConvertToHandsFree is even easier and much more cost effective - that is, converting your already automatic door to a wave-to-open system. Simply removing the push-button "handicap" buttons on your existing doors and updating them to #WaveToOpen can be done in an hour and is a quick swap to your business entrance. Converting your existing #AutomaticDoorCalgary to #WaveToOpen should cost about $750 and again will vary slightly based on the functions of the door. #TouchlessBathrooms are a quick fix. While full #AutomaticDoorsCalgary work best, they are much more expensive than manual openings. Manual #FootPulls can be installed for less than $200 a door - 10x less than the cost of an automatic. #Rockwood and #Don-Jo both make #FootPulls that will work, they're our manufacturer's of choice. As you should assume, these manual pulls are much less sophisticated and are not as convenient as the automatic style, but also much more cost effective. Call now 403.250.5698 or send us a message below to book your appointment today. Also ask about our financing options!

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