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So What Is An Astragal?

An Astragal is a piece of hardware that is installed on a door(s) to help prevent prying, tampering, pesky hands away from your latches! One of our #1 calls to action in the city more recently has been the inquiry of astragals, Astragals are one of the best ways to improve security on your exterior door. They're often made from steel but some applications, heavy duty aluminum can be used also. Astragals come in a selection of shapes, sizes and finishes - Flat astragals are used to cover up the gap between the door edge and the door frame, Offset Astragals are installed in the event that hardware on the door sticks out further than the door face. Strikes, lips, fasteners etc.

We will always recommend (if the application allows it) to choose the route of an Interlocking Astragal. An interlocking astragal, made in the same material, is a 2-piece astragal, where 1 piece is installed on the frame and the other on the door, When the door is closed, the two pieces..... interlock! This makes the attempt of prying that much more difficult.

Calgary Lock & Safe have a large team of technicians capable of providing this security upgrade to your building, We have been busy upgrading Calgary and area with these Astragals and we cant wait to help you feel the #FeelingOfSafety Contact us for a FREE site inspection and quote today!

403-250-5698 Here are some examples of our installation work!

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