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ABLOY PLM350 SWP Steel Padlock

ABLOY PLM350 SWP Steel Padlock

ABLOY SUPER WEATHER PROOF (SWP) padlocks from Calgary Lock & Safe are a locking solution in which the components are extremely well protected to ensure operation in all conditions. Even in extreme heat or cold, storm-driven salt water or fine desert dust.

ABLOY padlocks provide maximum resistance against physical attack. The hardened, free-spinning protection plate prevents drill bits from penetrating the lock. Further security is provided by the hardened stainless ball bearings locking the shackle at both ends.

The unique rotating disc cylinder system employed in ABLOY padlocks is highly pick resistant and enables an extraordinarily wide range of comprehensive master keying options.

A case-hardened steel body provides the PLM350 tough protection for high security applications like containers, train wagons, trucks & lorries, warehouses, and more.

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