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Medeco XT SPC Key Cabinet

Medeco XT SPC Key Cabinet

The Medeco XT SPC “Secured Programming and Charging” device from Calgary Lock & Safe is a unique key cabinet that is part of the XT Intelligent Key System. The XT SPC cabinet secures up to 64 individual Medeco XT Intelligent keys with a special lock-in place feature to maintain security--only an assigned user is able to retrieve his key(s). An added benefit is that each key is recharged while in storage so it’s always ready to be used. For greater scheduling flexibility, the Medeco XT SPC key cabinet contains an intuitive LCD touch-screen device that conveniently programs the keys upon removal.

The Medeco XT SPC offers a full audit of key removal and return and fully networked software allowing multiple levels of oversight. The cabinet includes a mechanical key override on its security door and there is a battery back-up in case of power failure.

The Medeco XT SPC key cabinet is a key programming, management, and charging system that adds tremendous value to many markets, including retail, critical infrastructure, and commercial applications.

The Medeco XT SPC Key Cabinet is available in several models including a 16, 32 or 64 key option.

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