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Calgary Mall Re-Keyed after Keys Lost

Lost keys are more than an inconvenience; they're a liability.

A prominent mall in Calgary recently reached out to Calgary Lock & Safe with a big problem. They have a contractor working with them, and they had access to a set of Grand Master Keys, a system of keys that grants various access levels to authorized people. During the work, the keys were misplaced. It's unclear whether they were stolen from the contractor, or somehow lost, but keys of this level of access are generally held under strict control. The loss of these master keys created some serious risks.

If those master keys were found in the wrong hands, someone could get into the mall after hours, or at any time really, and access sensitive areas of the mall including records storage with sensitive information like floor plans, security records, and more that could compromise the security of the building. Someone could have accessed the mechanical room of the mall, caused major disruptions, property damage, or seriously injured themselves. On top of that, if the unauthorized intruder left doors open once they were done their crimes or mischief, the mall would have been left precariously open to more unauthorized access. The liability the mall was facing due to these risks could have been at least some vandalism, but at most, a potentially fatal or tragic situation.

We understand the uneasy feeling that you're open to risks.

When the mall's operations team reached out to Calgary Lock & Safe, we knew how they felt. Through no fault of their own a third party had accidentally lost their keys, and in the process left them vulnerable to unauthorized entry and the risks that go with that.

Our expert project manager consulted with the mall staff to understand their needs, and we recommended an intelligent Medeco XT master key system that provide the mall with a security audit so the mall's security and operations staff can see which keys access which areas and when. Those keys are specifically assigned to personnel and give the mall a window into the activities of their staff at all times. Additionally, their new Medeco XT system provides the ability to schedule specific keys access when needed, and to disallow access when required. Each key is now protected from loss, because if a key goes missing, it can be disabled using their central software.

Calgary Lock & Safe provided a new key system, but more importantly, the mall took back control of their building and restored security, and peace of mind.

Get in touch with our experts for advice on your security needs.

We've worked with thousands of Calgary malls, retail stores, restaurants, and other commercial and industrial clients who have had the same problems as this mall, and who's staff felt the same uneasiness. When people reach out to Calgary Lock & Safe with issues around security, our expert team of project managers, certified locksmiths, and technicians know how to help.

Our clients have found that working with Calgary Lock & Safe, our main goal is to assist them in regaining control of access over their buildings using master key systems, access control systems, or security bolstering tactics to minimize or even eliminate the vulnerability they were experiencing. We develop completely customizable master key systems and security solutions for Calgary businesses, and we can guide you. Contact us to explore your needs, what solutions are available, and to make a plan. We'll provide an up-front quote, and upon your approval, we'll get to work creating or restoring a robust security solution tailored to your needs. Contact Us

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