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We Crack Calgary Safes!

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Have you locked yourself out of your safe?

If you're locked out of your safe it can be a very frustrating ordeal. Many Calgarians use safes to store any of three things: Things that are valuable, things that are dangerous, and things that require discretion. So what happens if you're locked out of your safe?

Often what we put in our safes are in there to be protected from unauthorized access. Valuables may include cash or jewelry, but may also include valuable documents for your personal security. If you've safely stashed passports, wills, photographs, mortgage documents, or items like this, you may find yourself drowning in anxiety over deadlines. If you're supposed to fly to Hawaii tomorrow and all of a sudden can't access your passport, the stakes are high indeed.

Many people store dangerous things in their safes, such as prescription medications, cannabis, and more so that unauthorized family members (teenagers anyone?) can't access them. Cannabis is one thing, the urgency of accessing that may not be a big deal; however, prescription medication can be extremely important. The consequences of not having access to your medication could lead to discomfort, injury, or worse. Let's not go there.

Finally, there are some things people want to store for discretionary purposes, items that are secret. Some people use safes to store very personal, even intimate products they like to share as couples. Are we getting our point across? ;) While urgency to access these items may not be a matter of high stakes, if you just need your safe opened and re-coded, we totally get that.

We get it. We've cracked hundreds of safes, and we can help crack your safe too.

At Calgary Lock & Safe, we've seen it all, from really interesting relics, to massive vaults, to modern hotel safes. We understand the frustration that you may not have access to sensitive items like cash, valuables, medication, passports or... otherwise.

We've worked with hundreds of Calgarians, including homeowners and business owners to restore their access to their stuff. Our customers find the peace of mind that comes from having a professional safe cracker open their safes up to release their items has allowed them to catch their flights, take their medicine, access valuables, and more.

Our team of journeymen locksmiths and technicians can help you access your safe through various safe cracking techniques depending on your safe.

We're Certified Journeyman Locksmiths, and we're standing by to help.

If you have a safe that you've forgotten the combination to, lost keys to, or have otherwise lost access to, call Calgary Lock & Safe. We love a good challenge and we have experts with dozens of years of experience overcoming the most complex and secured safes. Contact us with any questions you may have, for a plan to access your safe, and for an up-front quote to do so. We're responsive and can meet your timelines so you don't miss your flight, don't miss tax season, can access your medicine, or whatever your access needs might be. Contact Us

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