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Calgary Lock & Safe | Covid-19 Wellness Procedure

Updated: Apr 15, 2021



1. Each member of Calgary Lock & Safe has the duty to self-isolate if exhibiting, or being reasonably exposed to, symptoms consistent of Covid-19 for 10 days or upon receiving a negative test result and symptoms subsiding.

2. Each member of Calgary Lock & Safe has the duty to self-isolate for 14 days if recently having traveled outside of the country.

3. Each member of Calgary Lock & Safe is required to wear a mask whenever entering any client space, indoor public space, or Calgary Lock & Safe location as of, or before, July 27, 2020 in accordance with City of Calgary Bylaws.

4. All in-field members must enact a "Refusal of Work" if they feel unsafe with the work being asked of them.

5. All members will practice safe “social distancing” as defined by the provincial government (6 feet between people) at all times.

6. All members will practice “no-touch greetings” with preference given to a wave greeting over elbow bumps, fist pounds or foot clapping.

7. All company meetings will continue as video calls (Facetime, Ring Central).

8. All members able to work from home are to do so to limit the number of people in the building.

9. Disinfecting workspace must occur at the beginning and end of workdays; this includes cleaning of surfaces, tools and workstations.


1. In-field technicians are required to follow social distancing guidelines including the use of appropriate PPE.

2. Technicians are to ride in individual vehicles at all times.

3. Before arriving on site, customer experience reps and/or in-field technicians must ask site contacts site Covid-19 safety questions.


1. Disinfect your steering wheel and other touchpoints before each time you enter and exit for vehicle.

2. Once on site with hardware, best practice is to disinfect all surfaces to be worked on before and after work.

5. Best practice is to use a new disinfectant towel to wipe your cell phone, GPS, pens or anything else you used on the call.


1. Retail customers are limited to 5 maximum in store at any given time.

2. Retail customers will be asked to participate in mask and social distancing guidelines including maximum occupancy and traffic flow markers. All customers will be offered a mask and hand sanitizer upon entering the retail stores if they do not have these already.

3. Shop members must wash hands prior-and-post working on customer supplied hardware or keys.

UPDATE 3. Credit Card or Interac payment is preferred. Cash payment is still accepted.

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