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Calgary Lock & Safe | Covid-19 Wellness Procedure


1. Each member of Calgary Lock & Safe has the duty to self-isolate if exhibiting, or being reasonably exposed to, symptoms consistent of Cov19 for 14 days.

2. Each member of Calgary Lock & Safe has the duty to self-isolate if recently having traveled outside of the province, or country, for 14 days.

3. All in-field members must enact a "Refusal of Work" if they feel unsafe with the work being asked of them.

4. All members will practice safe “social distancing” as defined by the provincial government (6 feet between people) at all times.

5. All members will practice “no-touch greetings” with preference given to a wave greeting over elbow bumps, fist pounds or foot clapping.

6. All company meetings will continue as video calls (Facetime, Ring Central); in-person meetings must be limited, and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

7. All members able to work-from-home will be asked to do so indefinitely.

8. The company warehouses and retail stores are effectively closed; in-field members

requiring hardware must follow Cov19 Warehouse protocol .

9. Disinfecting workspace must occur at a minimum of once per 60-minute period; this includes cleaning of surfaces, tools and workstations.

10. NO CASH transactions will be accepted. If a partner cannot pay be any other means, please contact CEX for the Cov19 Cash protocol.


1. In-field technicians will no longer work in pairs; jobs requiring multiple members will be rescheduled to a later date with exception of emergency services which Illness Prevention Protocol must be followed (below).

2. Before arriving on site, in-field technicians must ask site contacts site Covid-19 safety questions.


1. Upon arriving on site and exiting your van, all members must put on their provided gloves before taking hardware from their van or approaching the building. Do not drive with your (disposable) gloves or boot covers – your front cabin needs to remain clean. Disinfect your steering wheel and pedals before each time you enter and exit for vehicle.

2. Now on site with hardware, request that the customer allow you to disinfect the work surface before working on it. You can let them know the contents of our spray bottle is Lysol disinfectant – however we’re getting permission first in case it leaves streaks or possible discoloration on the door as it does contain alcohol. If the customer refused to allow you to disinfect the door, use your best judgement on how to proceed; do not be afraid to tell the customer that we will have to reschedule until after the crisis has ended.

3. With the go-ahead from the customer, use the spray bottle to spray down the work area and use the paper towels to wipe all areas that you will be working on. Once complete place the paper towels in a nearby (temporary) garbage can.

4. When the job is complete, perform the same spray method as above (3) to leave the door disinfected when you leave. This is “our part” to flatten the curve.

5. Once you return to your van, use the disinfectant on your shoes - bottoms too –and gloves. Using the spray and paper towel, wipe your steering wheel, floor mat and gas/brake pedals before removing your disposable gloves. Once this is done, enter the vehicle again.

6. You should get in the habit of using a new disinfectant towel to wipe your cell phone, GPS, pens or anything else you used on the call. Remember our priority is safety; take the time to do these steps each time. Follow this protocol will lessen the chance of being exposed to the Cov19 virus.


1. Retail customers will be asked to participate in social distancing, with offer to wait in their vehicles while work is complete. Waiting inside is not an option.

2. Shop members must wash hands prior-and-post working on customer supplied hardware or keys.

3. When accepting and returning items from partners, all members must indirectly pass items using service bins, plastic bags or similar limiting physical contact.

4. All shop automotive service will cease until further notice.


1. All in-field technicians must wear gloves when dealing with client or customer doors and hardware without exception.

2. All in-field technicians must disinfect work surfaces before and after work is performed on site or in company vehicles “spray-in-spray-out”.

3. All in-field technicians must wash hands / disinfect hands before and after touching public or common doors and hardware.

4. High Risk Sites (deemed by CEX, Coordination or PMMS) require all in-field technicians wear gloves, masks, and clean suits (reference: Death Protocol).


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