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Touch-less & Hands Free Doors to Help Schools Open Safely

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Schools are re-opening this fall, and teachers, principals, and other school authorities want to feel safe and confident in protecting their students, staff, and the families of the communities they serve.

In the current global pandemic climate, schools face the risk of a COVID-19 breakout, and while there is evidence emerging that children may be less effected by the virus, their ability to transmit the virus can exasperate the risk in classrooms and other shared spaces.

Many teachers, principals, and other School staff are experiencing heightened feelings of anxiety, vulnerability, stress, and concerns that they may fail to protect the students and staff among them from this invisible threat.

The challenges schools face are indeed valid. Schools are entrusted to protect the rights of students, teachers, and all staff to feel safe, confident, protected, and to put everyone in a position to succeed.

Calgary Lock & Safe understands the feeling of vulnerability that comes with re-opening schools. We know the very real stress of the unknown – that people may be in danger, and that it may seem difficult to successfully open safely.

We have worked with Calgary and Alberta educational institutions who have felt the same way, before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Those institutions have found that working with Calgary Lock & Safe enabled them to feel safe and confident because the partners we work with were able to minimize the spread of viruses, germs, and bacteria so they could protect their students and teachers from risks associated with infection.

Calgary Lock & Safe can help you by exploring your unique situation. We’ll work with you to create a plan according to your budget and needs. Our team of experts specialize in minimizing high touch points with the use of:

Automatic Doors – doors that are motorized and activated by motion or wave sensors and close themselves. These eliminate the need to touch door handles or push buttons. See More

Foot Pulls – staff and students can actuate doors using foot hardware mounted on the bottom of doors to pull the door towards them. When paired with an automatic closer this creates a complete door solution. See More

Arm Pulls – these pulls are ergonomically designed for people to hook their forearms into, eliminating the use of hands to pull or actuate a doorknob. Learn More

Hip Push & Elbow Pull Paddle Hardware – these replace standard levers and doorknobs, and are actuated using hips or forearms by pushing or pulling to release the latch and open the door. Learn More

Explore a sample of our lines of low-touch solutions here, and contact our team of specialists to explore your school or institution’s needs today to get started on a plan. Our goal is to create a road map to success that avoids a breakout in infection, and protects your students, staff, and the families that your school serves. We sincerely want to help Calgary and Alberta schools open safely and successfully so we can return our students to classes and keep moving our community forward.

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