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How to Re-Open Business Safely After COVID-19 Lockdown in Calgary

Business owners and managers like you are re-opening in Calgary, and the uncertainty of the current COVID-19 pandemic is causing some to think twice about how they intend to do so. What happens if not enough customers come to your business? How will people choose which businesses to support? What would happen if someone with COVID-19 visited your store – would you have to close? For how long? And would your employees be comfortable coming back? How much time and money will you spend on cleaning door handles constantly? Or by having a greeter at the front of your store to guard the doors?

Don’t just open. Open for business.

Calgary Lock & Safe is working with Calgary businesses to ensure they open in a way that protects people’s right to feel safe, confident, and protected from COVID-19. Ultimately, we want to help you put yourself in the best position to succeed.

We understand the feeling of vulnerability and anxiety you might be facing, and we’ve worked with other companies like yours who felt the same way. We’ve found that we can help businesses open safely, and they can actually push their message out to their customers on social media or through other avenues to instill customer confidence.

Calgary Lock & Safe is working now to help businesses reduce the highest touchpoints – door handles! There are a few ways we might be able to help you.

Upgrade your existing handicap buttons with wave sensors! If you have automatic doors already that open via a handicap push button, the majority of your hardware and functionality is already there… we can simply fit your existing system with wave buttons or even motion sensors so that everyone is welcome without touching the buttons or door handles to enter your location.

Install an Automatic Door with Wave or Motion Sensors. Like the option above, Calgary Lock & Safe can come to your business and create plan to install automatically opening and closing doors that open via motion sensor, or wave button. Nobody has to touch door handles anymore, so they can walk right in to do business with you.

Install Arm & Foot Pulls on your existing doors. You’ve probably seen them around town already! Calgary Lock & Safe is working fast and furiously with business managers and owners to fit existing exterior and interior doors with arm or foot pulls that eliminate the need to use your hands to open doors. This is one of the most inexpensive and simple retro-fits – we can use your existing door and affix signage to assist people in choosing to use your low-touch hardware.

Automatic Door Closers. Pair these automatic closers with low-touch hardware like the arm and foot pulls for your business and let the closer secure your door without touching.

Hip or Elbow Push and Pull Paddles. Customers have seen these before and know how to use them – but we can install guidelines as well so everyone knows not to use their hands and reduce touch-points for customers who enter and exit your business.

Imagine putting your new hardware out on social media, in your marketing messaging, and in your internal staff messaging to let everyone know you’ve improved your business to minimize or eliminate high touch zones. Letting them know their safety is your priority will go over great, and your staff will be happy to reduce the amount of cleaning they have to do when the door handles just don’t get touched!

Save money by reducing the cleaning, and reducing the staff needed at front doors. Capitalize on every customer by welcoming them to your store, and making them feel that their safety and well being is your priority. It’s a win-win situation.

Contact our team of experts today to explore how we can make a plan according to your needs, and see how we might be able to help you re-open safely.

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